Soviflex Improve Vaginal Repair

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Soviflex™ Self-Retaining Vaginal Retractor

The Soviflex retractor is used to facilitate repair of vaginal tears resulting from childbirth. The retractor frees both hands for the physician or midwife, which makes visualizing and suturing easier and reduces the risk of needlesticks. The Soviflex device is made from a soft, yet resilient material, that is gentler for the patient than other forms of retraction.

Provider Benefits:

Simple, Innovative, and Effective

The Soviflex retractor is uniquely designed so that the physician or midwife can bend the flexible retractor (FIGURE 1) and insert it in easily into the vagina where the retractor will hold the introitus and vaginal walls open (FIGURE 2), improving visualization and repair of lacerations.

Soviflex flexing in hand

Figure 1

Soviflex in place

Figure 2

This can work for sulcus tears as well, where the physician may improve visualization and ease of repair by rotating the Soviflex retractor to display the sulcus tear.

Use of the Soviflex self-retaining vaginal retractor may enable the physician or midwife to suture a laceration more quickly than if they are using one hand for retraction, which can help limit patient blood loss.

Once the vaginal repair is completed, the physician simply removes the Soviflex retractor and disposes of it.

Note on Blue vs. Yellow Versions

For “high BMI” patients the current Soviflex retractor may not provide adequate visualization or stay in place. The yellow version may help in these cases, but generally does not. We are currently developing a solution for high BMI patients. Please fill out our contact form to be notified of this new product when available.


soviflex product, blue

Use with healthy BMI range, primigravida or multiparous patients


soviflex product in yellow

Optional; may be useful in rare cases